A famous translator called Anna Rusconi has once brilliantly said, “Words travel the world and the translators do the driving.”

How very true!

It would have been impossible to read and understand the literature and other works from around the world if it was not for the translators who spend their lives in one passion and that is to bring the other world on your platter.

How thankful should we be?

Well, a lot. If it was not for these translators, we would not have had a taste of the finest literature and not to forget the wealth of information that is left by people who speak a local language but are not able to express it in other commonly spoken tongues. What we must be thankful for is that these people who rather selflessly give in to the hazards of translating all the works in the world form the epic to the ordinary they give their heart and soul to make sure the essence of the work is not lost or minimally lost and the best is brought to your coffee tables or decorating your book shelves. How happy you would be when you see your favorite cross border laureate is sitting pretty on your bookrack and garnering the attention of your guests.

Do you the most famous translated works?

The bible is on the top of the list of the most translated works of all times. Yes, a whopping 700 languages. It is only ten percent of the languages that actually exist! There are about 7000 languages that are existent today in the world. So, you know the herculean task that is ahead of the translators. They have to know everything about a language to be able to true to their conviction of not only translating word by word but even to maintain the tempo and the emotion that the author of the original work has intended to be.

There are authors who have not written in English but in their native language but who have swayed the people with their thoughts and actions to guarantee that their works have been widely translated and circulated. Das Kapital by Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels has been profusely translated the world over. The United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights which is a charter that is adopted by the United Nations has been translated into 400 different languages.

The root word:
‘Translationis’ is the root word for translation that has been derived from the classical language of the world and the one of the oldest languages, Latin. The word in its actual sense means transferring or transporting something. In the case of languages it means that the meaning of the work is transferred from one existent language to the desired one.
Do you know that there is a World translation day that is celebrated?

The hard work of Saint Jerome in translating the Bible for the first time earned him the credit of his feast day being celebrated as the world Translation day every year on the 30th of September. It has been categorically agreed upon by every translator worth his salt that there is no better and perfect translated work than the bible that was the first time translated by Saint Jerome.

Which are the most common and favored languages for translation?

The languages that are most targeted for translating works to and from them are as follows:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. German
  5. Italian
  6. Russian and
  7. Japanese.

The latest entrant in this list is Chinese/Mandarin. The Chinese are on the list by virtue of the immense economic development that it has seen in the recent past and the world is curious to know more about it and reading and learning works written in the original language or a heady spurt in the sales of the translated works in a particular Language means that people are interested to know about the people and the culture of that place and in the future they may not be averse to shifting there an calling their home.

In the above list, except for Russian and Japanese all the other languages are European languages. This could point to other indications of the demographic shift of people from one place to another or the idea of having more successful socio-economic trade relationship and if there is then to strengthen the ties better.

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