The world is more divided today by barriers such as borders, languages and political whims of the rulers and governments. It is obvious that the world has not so pleasant things happening every day. We see people from countries leaving their hometown and almost everything that they called their own in an exodus to save their lives. Millions do not even make it out and die in insurgency attacks or if they are able to escape the living hell then they die en route to the land of promises due to disease, no proper care or any such survival issue.

  1. Our mission is to create a world where knowledge knows no barriers whatsoever:


Language can be a powerful medium of bonding. Two or more people can instantly bond if the language they speak between them is common. Having said that it is obvious that at the same time there is nothing more disastrous and distancing like the fact that a lot of problems in today’s world, whether, social, political , economic or theosophical is actually based on the difference between us specially the tongues that we speak.

It is our humble endeavor to bring the people of the world closer to each other by translating the works and then making the work available to everyone irrespective of their geographical boundaries that they are domiciled in and the language that they speak with their kith and kin.

  1. To be able to provide knowledge to people in their own vernacular or local dialects.

We want to be the first to appear when there are cases of humanitarian crisis. When the human rights of the people seem to be or are definitely at the altar of political ambitions. We want to be able to reassure the victims in their own tongues that all is not lost. That they can still hope for a better tomorrow.

We want to be able to translate in an environment of being culturally appropriate and sensitive to the public sentiments especially the marginalized and make sure that they have all the information that is required to fight their side of the battle. The language can be a great advantage to them to create a level playing field.


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